“Lucy” was created using actual painted and cut-out paper puppet pieces that were scanned and then digitally animated.    Tactility and texture of painted paper, real, and photographed elements were included into the design to bring out the veracity of the experience to this interpretation of Janis’ story.


In June 2012, Elisa had the privilege of having a three-hour telephone conversation with Janis Carter. Using her words, the filmmaker pieced together a very condensed script that tells her story that spans over a decade long.  Janis preferred to have an actress portray her in this film as she feared that she would not be able to give a natural sounding read of the script.  In January of 2014, the very talented voice actor Susan Williams was cast to read Janis’ voice over narration.  Susan’s voice truly expressed Janis’ dry wit and straightforward storytelling style with subtle tender emotion breaking through, giving us a glimpse of how incredibly deeply Janis loved Lucy.


Composer Doug Blackley created a rich thematic musical world for “Lucy”.  Blackley has been developing original works for an instrument called the “spectral piano” which he used to bring out a new spectrum of sounds, timbre and resonance, producing layers and layers of sounds that are dense, rich and evocative for this film.

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